Sunday, February 14, 2016

Giant Snicker’s bar

GiantSnicker'sBar Wow!  This snickers bar is huge!

Act 1 – Big question = How many times bigger than a regular Snickers bar is this?

  • What info would you like to know?
  • How are you going to judge how much bigger this is … weight, dimensions, volume?

Act 2: Useful info: GiantSnickersInfo.pdf


length of fun size

length of fun size

Width of fun size

Width of fun size

height of fun size

height of fun size

Clicking on any of these images will show them larger in a new window

Snickers fun size dimensions – Thanks to Alison Hansel, Elementary math specialist Brookline, MA

Teaching tips for members:  Slice-n-share-teacher-notes.pdf

Sequel: Is this a fair price?

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