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Hip Hop Language Education: Using Rap to Teach, Really?

Every Classroom Matters Episode 190

hip hop education

Language teachers have the daunting task of helping students memorize so many words! How can it be fun? How can you help students learn them faster? Jason Levine uses hip hop in his language education classes. Surprisingly, he teaches teachers (even those, like me, with no rhythm) to use hip hop in their language education classes too.

Essential Questions: Hip Hop Language Education: Using Rap to Teach, Really?

  • Why do hip hop and language education work together?
  • Can you use hip hop if you’re a language teacher who can’t rap at all?
  • How can any teacher facilitate hip hop activities with language?
  • How can teachers make the repetitive practice of language EXCITING?
  • What are the 3 R’s of Language Learning?
We have yet another example of using things students love to hook them into learning. Hip hop is the most listened to form of music in the world, according to the research Jason cites on the show. English is the most learned second language in the world.

Combining hip hop and language education is a masterful use of both of these. So, you’re not comfortable with this — you CAN use someone else’s videos. Jason raps on the show and I think that perhaps I could even do it (although I wouldn’t sound as cool.) Have an open mind, language teachers, to move away from flash cards and towards music. 

Educator Resources from this Episode

The 3 R's of language learning are relax, repeat, remember. Jason Levine

Jason talks about his hip hop language education method on the show and the 3 R’s to help students relax and actually learn the language.

Hip Hop Language Education Using Rap to Teach Language Learners

Let’s talk about hip hop language education. You can do it, even if you’re a teacher with no rhythm.

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