Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Get Kids Excited About Science: Carmelo the Science Fellow

Every Classroom Matters episode 182

Carmelo the Science Fellow

How do you fill your students with wonder? How do you help kids love animals? How do you engage students in science? Carmelo the Science Fellow (who is also a principal) shares his fun-tastic ideas for science and getting kids excited in this episode.

Important Takeaways

  • The unbelievable thing he puts IN his walls.
  • How he got students excited about science his first day of teaching.
  • Now that he’s a principal, what happened when he put his desk in the welcome area.

Carmelo the Science Fellow has cool science ideas but also exciting ideas for teaching. I found myself inspired with his can-do attitude and any means necessary methods of teaching. But his work is also grounded in the science research that we quoted in the show (referenced below). We can no longer PowerPoint kids into boredom in the science classroom. We can do better. Here’s how.

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Get kids excited about science with Carmelo the Science fellow

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